St. John of God Health Care Services has, since 1985, provided a social model alcohol recovery programs in Victorville, California. The services offered cover a broad scope of individual and family needs.


The programs offered are:

Outpatient Services are available to individual three times per week. This allows them the flexibility of their life at home and work. If the person is unable to continue to meet the requirements of outpatient services, the person is referred to our residential services.


Inpatient Service

Social Model Detox

A social model detoxification unit that is seven days in length. Monitoring is completed by our qualified staff no medical assistance and or medications are offered to the person undergoing this program.

Residential Programs

The residential programs are in house and follow a social model service program. The stay varies from 30-150 days depending upon the need of the person.

Aftercare Programs

The aftercare program is for individuals who have completed a recovery program. The goal of this program is to expose the person (and their family) to those social events that are entertaining and fun without the use of a mind altering substance.

Licensed Day Care Center

Our licensed day care center is for the children of those individuals seeking recovery in our programs. The parent is in our scheduled program for recovery and their child spends the day in our day care. We accept children 0-5 years of age. This Program is also open to the local community children.

Transitional Living Units

These units are for men (14 units) and women/men with children (9 units) where the person can live in a sober living environment up to 1 year. During this time the person must be enrolled in school or working full time.